Benefits of Using a Salon Software

Pen and paper has become obsolete in the management of salons and spa as is characterized with loss of data and exposure to the risk to fire. This is why technology has improvised a system through which management of the salon can be handled. Customers can pre-book and inventory traced down. Find out for further details right here

Here are some of the benefits one can get from installing the software in his or her salon.

The flexibility that comes with the system is immeasurable. Both the client and the salon staff will save time and other resources when there is a salon software in place. The customer will be able to view the free time of the service giver and book then. Its advantageous because cases of double bookings will be minimized. The salon staff on the other hand, will not worry of forgetting appointments made earlier. Also, if one booked a time and something has come up, there is the option of cancelling the schedule at the comfort of their home. Learn more about  Salon Iris,  go here. 

Reduction in No Shows.
The software is made in a way that it can send reminder texts to customers and staff concerning their appointment. This method is effective because people tend to check their text messages from time to time. In the past, calls and emails were used for this purpose but they are not as accurate as the text messages.

Increased loyalty.
When inputting the client information, you could include their birth dates and set the system to wish them a happy birthday. You may also have discounts for the customers that visit regularly as updated by the software. You may also offer a best price to clients that refer their friends and through these methods you will win their loyalty. The more traffic at your salon will only mean increased revenue.

Inventory management.
Another pro of salon software is that it can be used to control stock. You will be able to know the number of products available and which ones have a high demand and make orders in time. The system may further note the levels of stock and you can set re-order levels enabling it to order for you and retain the list of ordered products thus making work easier.

some of the systems are designed in a way that they can help you digitally market your salon. This can be achieved through sending of customized emails. Take a look at this link  for more information.